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First rant and topic

Ok, have any of you seen these HP books by the alleged "Galadriel Waters" and "Astre Mithrandir"? You don't have to buy them, just look at them in Barnes and Noble or whatever.

It's like an anthology of all the crazy crackpot HP stuff. It screams Internet all over it. And we all know that the Internet isn't exactly the best place for reliable information.

Anyway, here is my first rant/laugh.

For the "Waters" book dealing with Order of the Phoenix she opens her Forward with some congratulatory, arm-breaking slapping of her own back. She then says that she recently used "philology" to discover that "Occlumency" is really "A-clue-men-see".

Ok, there are several things wrong with this bunk:

1. She doesn't know what Philology is. She is probably only using the word because she read that Tolkien was a Philologist. This is not Philology. Coming up with something like this is not even in Linguistics.

2. The real Linguistic field for finding out what this word means is Etymology. Granted many people who think they are linguists because they are learning Klingon or Elvish confuse Etymology with Entymology. If they don't, then they think that Entymology is the study of talking trees. :P

Never does she mention Onomastics. Which was something Tolkien and Rowling both love. Although Rowling is more of a collector than a scholar in this area.

Oops, I digress.

Anyway, Etymology shows us that Rowling coined this word from Latin occlu- which means "to close" with the added "mancy" which comes from Latin mantia which means "divination" but has become the generic "magic" suffix to mean "study of" in the manner of Necromancy and Geomancy. This is not odd. Since Rowling was a Latin teacher before becoming a millionaire all of her spells and many of her names come from Latin or pseudo-Latin. She has punningly combined it with the Old English word mens which means "mind" to make "mency."

This is very logical since what's being used against Harry is Legilimency which due to the modern word "legible" is pretty transparent. It means the magic of reading minds. And Snape even says "Legilimens!" for the spell, which just means, "Read Mind!"

Ok, so I was laughing at her in a more scholarly way than many of you will. If you can read the text. It's blurry, like they printed the book from copy taken off of a deskjet printer. :/
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