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Sane HP Fans Unite!

Snape is just a Wizard

Fans Against Crackpot HP Theories
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This is the community for people who enjoy Harry Potter without trying to second guess or read anything into innocuous sentences.

To join this Community you should believe the following:

1. Snape is not a Vampire.

2. Snape Doesn't Love Lily.

3. Ginny Weasley is not Snape's love child.

4. Snape is not Harry's real father.

5. Any romantic relationships are the perogative of J.K Rowling, so there's no point in trying to come up with couple combinations or otherwise supporting a certain match.

6. What will be, will be. Let's just sit back and enjoy the ride.

7. People who come up with Stupid, Crackpot Harry Potter Theories are extremely funny and you enjoy laughing at them (not with them).

8. "Galadriel Waters" and "Astre Mithrandir" are money grubbing talentless hacks who can't even produce a professional looking product in addition to their tasteless juvenile chatroom level names stolen from Tolkien. Not to mention that what they do write is meaningless junk by their own admission that their theories may not come true, but think you should fork over the money anyway.
harry potter, jk rowling, making fun of crackpot theorists, making fun of fanfiction, not being obliged to over-analyze